Omniscience, or Ranting?

Brian Steel September 2002

To judge for yourself, why not visit:, and select the PREMSAI version of the Second Address for 22 July 2002 (International Seva Conference). [This is the LITERAL translation of SB's original TELUGU Discourse].

Avoid (except for an enlightening comparison with the original!) the EDITED TRAD version of the Discourse, which, on this self-proclaimed unofficial, independent website, is the same homogenised EDITED version which appears on the OFFICIAL SB sites and, later, in Sanathana Sarathi in various languages. As this year wears on, it appears more and more probable that the original volunteer service by multilingual devotee translators eager to offer a more authentic version of SB's REAL Discourse style (which they see and revere as poetic) has been invaded or diluted by SB's increasingly embattled organisation.

Be that as it may, some readers may find it difficult or impossible to believe that, among other things, SB actually made the following peculiar statements in Telugu to his large audience on 22 July 2002 (during the Guru Purnima Conference). [BOLD type has been added in a few places]:


"Wicked 'Devotees'

"Today also, so many people sing bhajans, give discourses and go about from road to road. What is the use of going about? They are going about like dogs do. However, the bad smell of worldly desires in them doesn’t leave. As long as that bad smell of water is in the mind, they cannot attain any sacredness.

"All human beings today have succumbed to this bad smell. They have become habituated to this. Doing bhajans, doing meditation, doing japa and doing austerity, they are falling into worldly desires within these practices. All of these are like butter that contains water. The bad smell of desires come into spiritual practices. This bad smell of desires should not enter into spiritual practices.

"Not only that. These wicked ‘devotees’ are increasing numerous types of desires even more. Are they devotees? No, no, no, no! Why should this bad smell come if they are devotees? It wouldn’t be possible for a bad smell to come. They have a bad smell in the body, a bad smell in the mind, a bad smell in the intellect and all the works that they do have a bad smell. They are unable even to know their own bad smell.


"Importantly, we have to recognize what is the root cause of the bad smells that arise in us. No matter how great one may be, no matter how many difficulties, losses, sorrows and suffering are experienced, one should see that one has a mind that does not waver or change. Firm faith should be maintained. Then only one will be able to attain the proper kind of peace."



"Mankind is certainly lucky. Not only lucky, but he is also allowing misfortune to come. Due to letting misfortune come, he is becoming completely evil. He doesn’t even have the authority to reach the presence of God.

People like that say, "I have read so much. I have written so many books. I am giving very great discourses." What is the use of giving them? Why are you giving these discourses? To deceive others! You are cheating yourself. Speaking about all the feelings that are not in you, you are making yourself evil. If even one that is practised is spoken about, it is enough."


"Now and then, I feel a lot of suffering. From the beginning, I used to go so much to Bombay, Madras and Hyderabad. They gained a lot of fame and are well known. Today My mind doesn’t feel like going there. Such degenerate people have developed there. Therefore, first and foremost, we should send these degenerates far away.


"A snake may be kept near, but don’t keep these bad people near. So, don’t allow men like snakes to come close. I never ask anyone for even a paisa. So many activities are continuing on. I didn’t ask for even a naiya paisa anywhere. You know. (Applause) Until this day I never entered into the subject of money. Money only is the ‘God’ for many ‘devotees’ today. Money is God to them. If they begin such wickedness, how can they be devotees? It has nothing to do with devotion at all."


"Today many people, 90% of the people who are ‘devotees, devotees, devotees’, are phoney. In the past, it used to be so joyful. All the devotees came together and they used to spend time so joyfully. Day-by-day, day-by-day and day-by-day, phoney people are increasing. As soon as they get up in the early morning, they will put bottu (a mark of devotion on the forehead). (Laughter) They will put on a scarf. However, they then wander about. What wandering do they do? The dogs that wander about on the streets are better than them! Therefore, we should not let dogs like this near us."


"If you want or need anything, ask Me. (Applause) I will never do any kind of deceit to anyone. I won't do it. I won't speak untruth. However, today it became necessary to speak about the sinful actions that are happening to devotees. Hence, whoever it is, I am hoping that from today, such situations will not be embarked upon."


"Therefore, it’s enough if there are one or two people who have good feelings. Therefore, the State Presidents and Trust Conveners (of the Sai Organization) should take the proper caution and take the proper care, or else leave it (resign their position). We will look after things. (Applause) We didn’t give the position to you because we can’t do it. We can do things for ourselves.

"There is also the All-India President. The All-India President should also take note. If anyone in the Organisation is like this, throw them out immediately. (Applause) They should not keep them for even a day. Won’t anything continue on without them? Any amount can continue. Such fools like this should be thrown out from here.

"Today My mind has such difficulty. For many days My feelings have been rising, rising, rising and overflowing so much. However, an opportunity did not arise then. To whom should I tell? Today numerous people have gathered, so this is the right opportunity. Noticing this right time, it should be told to you."


[Truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?]


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